Monday, November 4

Tis the Season

So, the title of the post might be misleading- no, I'm not about to start talking about Christmas. As many people know I prefer for all talk of Christmas to be reserved for December. Call me a scrooge- I just think that too much of a good thing... well, you know. No, right now it's the season to be thankful- and with so many things going on in the world, political dissatisfaction, financial crisis, and a general lack of international peace, it can be hard to be thankful for the day-to-day. Today I found myself in exactly this same spot. Money is tight, news is grim, and a break from schoolwork grind is nowhere in sight. Now, I know it seems like I'm straying from the general theme of this blog- which is supposed to be travel, but read on and trust my judgement on this one- I promise I'll tie travel in.