Saturday, December 31

Bringing in the New Year!

So, since I've got a blog for my travel to Ukraine, I'm attempting to keep up a personal blog as well- and why not start by bringing in the new year? So, I've decided to start by just throwing my resolutions out there, and then moving on to introductions, although most people reading any of my blogs probably already know me.

I've always failed miserably at making resolutions for the new year- so this year, let's keep it simple.
1. Lose weight. This is something I'm already doing. It's the classic resolution, but I'm already on the path to becoming healthy, and although being healthy is my ultimate goal, losing weight is normally a byproduct of that.

2. Expand my vintage camera collection. I have 4 cameras and 1 video camera in this vintage collection- and every time I hit up a thrift store I check for a neat one to add to my collection.

3. Travel. I might as well mark this one off now- I'm going to Ukraine in late may and staying for 10 weeks- but it's always good to have a resolution that's a given.

4. Get a tattoo. It's something I've wanted to do since I was 15, and although I have plans to get many more, I want to start with a map on my back- just the outline of the continents, and then each place I travel to will get a meaningful symbol placed there. The next tattoo I'll get after that is a sparrow outline made out of the words of Emily Dickinson's Hope is the Thing With Feathers, and then a symbolic tattoo for each of my children after that.

And, last but not least...
5. Get better grades. A classic for a university student, but this is totaly feasable for me. Studying harder, paying more attention, getting help, that's not what I need to do to get better grades. While all those things would help, it's actually attending class that I need to work on. I went to a highschool that was ranked academically unacceptable three years in a row, and nobody ever made me go to class. I'd skip, not even to stay home, but just to hang out somewhere else at school. Whether it was just sitting outside with a couple of my friends, or sitting in another class because I liked that teacher better- I only ever went to class when it was absolutely necessary. I need motivation to get up and attend class, and the fact that I only pulled a 3.4 on my first semester of college is motivation enough.