Thursday, August 30

Left is Right

So this is it- I'm officially in Oxford. I saw so many things my mind is on overload, and I'm quite sure it will be for the next four months. I'm beyond excited. I got to see so much of Oxford today. It was lovely outside, sunny but still cool. I walked at least 8 miles and didn't break a sweat, didn't even think once about being too hot. I so enjoy this weather, and I'm sure I won't get tired of it any time soon.

I'm all settled into my room. Calendar on the wall, pictures hung, scarves draped, clothes folded and put away. It's so nice to be completely moved in and not have to worry about doing any more of it tomorrow when I'm trying to further orient myself in this city that requires a general skill set of being able to know where you are, which I never do. I found my way to the city center with help, and discovered the location of Lush, which if you don't know, is a fantastic cosmetics company. I went grocery shopping the block over at the 9 to 9 and got a few meals sorted out, and I got shown around Oxford to all the good pubs, drank a delicious cup of cappuccino with an even more delightful scone, and spent a lovely walk in University Park, which I'm sure I'll be spending much of my study time at.

Anyways, the flight was smooth, didn't sleep a lick (ok, maybe twenty minutes), so at this point, I've been awake for about thirty hours straight, half of which was spent in travel, which included walking, buses, and airplanes. So, a quick story that amused me as I drift off to sleep.

As everyone knows, the English drive on the left side of the road, as opposed to the right as we Americans do. Here is why the left is right, according to a cabbie we met today: Back in the days of old, when you would gallop along the right side country roads lined with bushes with your fair maiden on the back of your horse, if a bandit or highwayman tried to ambush you, you would draw your sword. Well, considering most of the population is right handed, they would grab their sword, and their swords would get caught in the thicket, thus not being able to protect your fair maiden. However, if you were driving along the left side of the road, you would have plenty of room to wield your sword, lop of their heads, and protect your maiden. And this is why, left is right.