Monday, January 23

Eighteen Hours

Alright- so an update, now that I have a few moments to breathe. I love college, I love class, I love learning, I love community, and this is where I thrive. That being said, because I'm so much in love with the experience, I sometimes get overzealous. This time, I may have bit off more than I can chew on my own. I decided that I wanted to add a Psychology minor to my Social Work major- it goes really well together especially since Psychology classes can be used as "supplements for major". With all my plans for study abroad (Oxford, next fall, provided I'm accepted), I decided that I needed to add a class this semester in order to make my classes in the future not so crowded together. Taking multiple intense classes at one time is no fun. I was already taking 12 hours plus a CEU (continuing education unit- you still do all the work, you just pay less and get a pass fail grade). I've decided to take Developmental Psychology on top of my full time load, making my work load equivalent to eighteen hours. Am I insane? Maybe. Will I regret it? Maybe. Will it make me a better person? Yes. Will it make me rely more on God? Most definitely. So maybe there is a method to my madness.

As for my New Years goals.. progress check.
1. Lose weight- this has now been translated to "be healthy". I've decided I'm comfortable in the skin I'm in, and as long as I'm healthy, I don't care what numbers the scale shows. So, in order to work towards this new goal, I've been working out with my friends (slightly inconsistently). But when I miss a workout with my friends, I do abs at least by myself.
2. Expand my camera collection. This is in progress! Although all my money at the moment is going to Ukraine (a missions trip- follow that dedicated blog here), my Uncle has said that he will send me some cameras that have been in our family! How cool.  I'm sure that if I end up coming across some extra money (although highly unlikely), the next camera I want to get is an action shot, which takes four pictures on one frame. It's definitely super cool- my friend Nora has one that she found when we were thrifting and I'm super jelly.
3. Travel. Well that one was a no-brainer. But it looks like I'll be going somewhere new sooner than I thought! I've been invited to accompany my friend Jen back to her home in Colorado for spring break! We're going to hike and hang out all week, so we won't be spending a ton of money- just gas and some food. I'm really excited, because my brother has been to Colorado and I haven't yet.
4. Get a tattoo. I've talked to a friend and got a quote on what I want, but I don't have it scheduled or anything. This will probably be later on, and while I wanted to get my tattoo before I left for Ukraine, it looks like it will be more like after I get back.
5. Get better grades. Well, so far so good. Although I haven't actually had to turn in anything, just a bunch of reading. we will see how the good grades goes with 18 credit hours, but I've been taking good notes and keeping on top of my assignments. I even made a master schedule of everything that's due during the semester. so all I have to do is glance over from my desk and see what all is due this week- it's really easy to keep up with stuff that way.

That's all for now! I'm off to my missions class to learn specifics about fundraising and culture!